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Hello, 👋. My name is Igor Alexandrov.
I am CTO of JetRockets and a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience.

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Traefik Tuning for Rails Applications (part 1)

For many years Nginx has been a default solution to serve as a reverse proxy for Rails applications. However, with the release of Kamal, the Rails community opened Traefik as a new reverse proxy solution. Within my 15 years of experience with Rails, I created an almost perfect configuration for Nginx that migrated through all my projects. With Traefik, I had to start from scratch.

Latest Articles

Validate belongs_to association in Rails

Eight years ago, Rails 5 made the belongs_to association required by default. This solved a lot of problems with orphaned records in the database. But sometimes, you need to have an optional association, which may lead to situations that you don’t expect.

Lazy-load offscreen iframes!

A week ago I finished update of this website and it was my first front-end related task in a while. I’ve learned a lot of new things that I want to share with you. The may sound obvious for some of you, but I still think they deserve to be mentioned. One of them is lazy-loading offscreen iframes.

Maybe – open-source personal finance app

In this episode, I explore the Maybe finance code base. The original version of Maybe was written in React and then open-sourced. In February 2024, Josh Pigford started to rewrite it in Rails. What is done within two months, what can be improved, what tools and libraries are used – all these in this video.